Sunday, March 24, 2013

Introducing Living Stones

This blog is to keep you updated with what is going on with the Living Stones program in Guadalajara, Northeast Brazil.  If this is your first time hearing about Living Stones, or you would like a quick refresh, here is a quick look at the program:

Living Stones serves impoverished children.
We work with many street children (a term used for both market children--who work in the streets and live with their families--and homeless street children--who work, live and sleep in the streets, often lacking contact with their families: Casa Alianza, Worldwide Statistics, Sept. 2000) and at-risk children who apply for help and welfare assistance in the urban context, and generally impoverished children in rural context.
Each child is individual, as well as their story and needs, whether they are temporarily or permanently in need. For most of these children, the meal they receive at Living Stones is the only hot meal they will have all day. We help them scholastically and nutritionally, enabling them to go to school instead of spending that time begging/working for food.
Living Stones is located in Northeast Brazil with World Renewal Brazil.
Working under the ministry of World Renewal Brazil (, Living Stones is a program individually connected with and under its respective church to serve the children in their community.
Living Stones is a community outreach and church planting ministry.
We work with churches who desire to either 1. Begin a new church plant, or 2. Expand their church ministry within their community. We come alongside our brothers and sisters in Brazil to help train them and give them the resources to make a lasting difference in their community.
Through the week = Living Stones
On Sundays = A new church plant, or community outreach
Living Stones LENDs: enabling churches to provide Love, Education, Nutrition, and Direction
Each Living Stone program is set up to help their community in the best way possible. Some are full-time programs, serving two groups per day, in conjunction with the school system. One group goes to school in the morning, 1:00-4:00pm Living Stones (lunch and classes), and the other group comes 8-11am Living Stones (classes and then lunch), and goes to school in the afternoon. Some Living Stones are half-day programs,  some are in conjunctions with Glory Sports ministries, and some are on the weekends.
You can help Living Stones LEND by giving a HAND
Have a HEART for the ministry, investing a part of yourself. ASSISTANCE by coming to Brazil yourself is always welcome and needed (opportunities at . Please take the NEEDS of the ministry before the Lord (find out more at , who supplies abundantly, and lastly, DONATIONS are always a blessing (at  
The cost of the Living Stones program is approximately $1 a day per child. Please pray about supporting a child with a monthly donation of $30 ( Once 60 people are committed, we can begin to plant a new Living Stones program and church in a community.

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