Thursday, August 8, 2013


The ministry in Guadalajara is on hold until the leader, Luizinho, can raise support: help us re-open soon!
In 2006, Luizinho met Jesus through the ministry of community churches in Brazil. Since then, he has been working and serving different churches, working with the youth through sports ministries.  In 2012, he began an incredible ministry to over 80 children in Guadalajara, working with and through World Renewal Brazil, Althletes in Action, Glory Sports, and Living Stones.
Luizinho has been working on a minimal budget that cannot continue: he doesn’t even have enough for public transportation to the church. The leadership has put the program at Guadalajara on hold until resources can be raised to meet Luizinho’s basic needs: $250 a month. Donate at

If it were up to Luizinho, he would walk to the church and continue no matter what. It was one of the hardest things he’s done to tell 80 children that the program could only re-open when finances were met. Let us come along side our brother to help him continue this amazing ministry to the children. You can see Luizinho’s blog here:

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