Thursday, October 10, 2013

Children's Day Fun

October 12th is Children's Day, but Brazilians celebrate it all week (month) long. This week Living Stones had special competitions, prizes, and Disney fun at Guadalajara and Lagoa.
After a trip to Disney World, I (Rachel) wanted to share the experience with the kids, and made a video that I then shared with each of the Living Stones programs
The video includes different Disney princesses attempting to speak in Portuguese for the children, and wearing our birthday glasses:)

At Disney, my mother secured a map of the Magic Kingdom for every child (over 150) in Portugese--so we had a "treasure hunt," finding different places on the map and then in the video.

Lastly, each of the children took time to think about their own future dreams and write it down on our special Disney paper:
Thank you for helping us celebrate children!

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