Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Update and Partnership

A poor suberb of Paudalho (pop. 30,000), Guadalajara is located right off of the main road, and so is a more urban location. The community church of Guadalajara has a full gym (sanctuary), and in 2012, Glory sports ministry began there, reaching about 80 children weekly. But mid-2014, the leadership left to minister in another state, ending the program.
(Misselane and Maykon)

But three of the youth from the church (Lane, Misselana—sisters, and Maykon), between ages 16-20, have gone through training with Athletes in Action, and are running the sports ministry three times a week. We are excited to see them grow, and also see how the church leadership comes along and embraces this opportunity.
Since Living Stones is not currently running at Guadalajara, and we do not know when God will move to enable us to, we are calling Guadalajara our Living Stones Partnership, as we will continue supporting and updating the blog so that you can continue to pray.

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