Friday, June 5, 2015

Guadalajara Update

We have not had any blog posts or updates about Guadalajara in 2015, but that does not mean that God has not been working.
Misselana (far left), Lane (left of Rachel), and Maykon (left of Caid) have been faithfully running the sports ministry an average of three mornings and three afternoons every week (3 hours each time). 

Guadalajara, an impoverished suburb of Paudalho, does not have many opportunities for sports--the public school is being remodeled, and they currently have no gym, only an open field. The Mayor has commended the Community church of Guadalajara for their contribution to the community. 
These three young adults see it as their ministry, and with a missionary mindset, they go about running this program with no financial assistance, and very little outside help. Caid and Rachel have been coming along side to encourage them, and to try to assist where possible. We are excited to dream about the future and see what God has for this community full of children ready to know more about Jesus through sports! 
Please pray for the community and children of Guadalajara, and for Lane, Misselana, and Maykon, and the leadership of the church. 

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