Thursday, December 3, 2015

Ice Cream Missions

Lane and Misse (if you haven't seen their beautiful testimonies) want to be missionaries. They have dedicated their lives to serving at their local church, providing the local kids in their neighborhood a safe place to hear about Jesus, play basketball, and build godly friendships. They work with 60+ kids three or four days a week, and then invite them to church and continue ministering to them there. They have been doing this since August 2014.
This past summer, they were involved with Projeto Comunidade (Community Project) with Athletes in Action, serving at different local churches and towns around where they live. They returned encouraged, and with more training on leading outreaches in their own church. They also got excited about the next Projeto Comunidade, in January 2016:
This will be their first long-distance missions trip--in Fortaleza (about 11 hour drive). For the missions trip, each person needs money for transportation there, eating/living expenses there, and a "sports start-up kit" for one of the churches they minister with (including sports equipment and Bibles). 
Lane and Misse have been working since this past August to figure out ways to raise this money, as funds are tight, and they are currently serving almost full-time (while finishing up high school), with no financial assistance. They have been having bake-sales after church, and selling popsicles at basketball practice (genius!). Their church, also low on funds, put together an ice cream social to get everyone together and raise funds for the girls' trip:
The girls have been able to raise over a third of their expenses. If you would like to assist, write to 

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