Thursday, January 28, 2016


Every year, near the beginning of the year, the community churches get together to reach out to one community and make a great impact (IMPACTO= impact in English). Last year they reached out to Timbauba:
This year, 25 youth from the different churches gave two weeks to impact Lagoa de Carro, the town just past Carpina. 
The spiritual oppression was great, and the local Catholic opposition was strong, but 18 people made a decision to follow Jesus. Through sports and open air events in the evenings, many people were reached--especially the children.
What is even more amazing is that 20 homes (families) opened up and said that they want to host Bible studies (step one in planting churches!)
 One of the new Christians is looking into training, as he wants to become a church planting pastor--God is working!
(Lane, sharing her testimony) 
Lane and Misse, our workers at Guadalajara, said the two weeks were life-changing, and that it was incredible to see God work. They are currently serving in Fortaleza (about 10 hours from Recife) with 59 other youth and adults with Athletes in Action. They ask for your prayers for their health. 

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